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What are the Locations and Times for Live Programs?

Locations of the Bootcamps are provided to Clients via email after you have enrolled.
Bootcamps are usually held each week in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK. We do occasional have clients meet up with instructors in places around the Midlands.
Clients will be contacted within a minimal of 3 days after enrolling with us about the location and time to meet up with the instructor.

How Much Do You Recommend I Bring for Spending Money?

Clients are recommended to bring at least an additional £50-100/day for food and incidentals whilst attending a TUS Live Program. 

There may or may not be club fees, which may be an additional £10-30/night; however, we often avoid clubs with fees. For lodgings, you are recommended to use so you can obtain quality accommodations at the most discounted price.

How Much Do Bootcamps Cost?
Our Bootcamps are a 3-day program with coaches for £260 for 21 hours of coaching
Alternatively, clients can pay by the hour at a rate of £20

The Schedule

There are three days of training and will be Thursday, Friday and Saturday night
Clients will meet up with instructors at 9.30pm for 1HOUR OF BRIEFING.
From there we shall go all the way up to 3.30am or the entire night if you’ve met your ideal girl
Clients will then meet with instructors 45MINS – 1HOUR FOR DEBRIEF

What Should I Bring or Wear to Live Programs?

All Bootcamp Clients are requested to wear what they would usually wear when they go out to bars or go out with women.
The dress code for night club entry on Thursdays aren’t as strict as they are on a Friday or Saturday
Wear your favourite outfits so that Instructors have an idea of your usual style and fashion. All students MUST wear leather dress shoes and MUST wear either collared shirt or plain black t-shirt to programs on Friday & Saturday night.

Custom Programs
If you'd like to learn more about receiving a customized program, please reach out to with details about what you're looking for and we'll be in touch with pricing and availability.