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The TUS Bootcamp is designed to push you to your limits. We'll be breaking your success barriers and give live demonstrations in front of you so you can see what is possible 
We'll give you a clear understanding about the fundamentals of Pick-up give you honest feedback on what your doing well and what your things your currently doing in your sets that may be stalling your progress
On any given Bootcamp, you will never see more than 3 Clients for every 1 Instructor. You'll be in under the guidance of two guys with two different styles of Game and sets of opinions.
The end goal of the course is to make sure you go away with a clear understanding of what Game looks like and to make sure you have a structured game plan and set goals you can work towards so you can achieve the results you want

1 ON 1


Need a top class wingman or do you just need to sit down with someone for helpful advice? The 1 On 1 coaching sessions are designed to cater to your needs     
Whether you want someone to have a solid gaming session with or you just want to sit down with someone to discuss game plans, relationships, personal issues or lifestyle, we'll be able to discuss anything of your choosing
The 1 On 1 sessions can be booked by the hour at a reasonable time throughout the week, which may be ideal for regular clients that are in need of our service
Getting to a bootcamp for live in-field training might not be viable option because you may have a busy schedule and there is no time for travelling 

​You'll benifit from coaching from the comfort of your own home. What's good about taking a Skype call with is that you'll recieve direct advice irrespective of wherever you are on the globe




​1 ON 1



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