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The Ultimate Seduction Bootcamps, held throughout the United Kingdom, allow you to meet personally with our highly experienced instructors and game with them as YOUR personal wingman. We will coach you every step of the way, day and night, on how to attract the women of your dreams and achieve your personal goals. 

We will push you past your limits and show you what is possible, whether that is to create meaningful connections with people, get a girlfriend or even to find your wife and have a successful marriage.

The TUS Bootcamps are renowned as being highly flexible depending your level of experience, so if you are a complete NEWBIE or already ADVANCED, we have a Bootcamp tailored to you so you can get the most out of each meeting with an instructor. We will do three days of coaching which will include up to 18 hours of approaching and interaction with women.
The aim of a TUS Bootcamp is to help you get MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF EXPERIENCE under your belt and to get you good with women within the space of three days! We will take you out in the city streets during that day and clubs during the night to help you meet, attract and seduce women
  • We teach you how to stimulate attraction and move into seduction
  • Give you a precise understanding of what a pickup is supposed to look like, so that you can model and replicate it in the same way that you learned
  • We’ll act as your personal wingman and meet women together in bars. Cafes, clubs and shopping centres 
  • Teach you the exclusive TUS seduction guide that will shave years of your learning curve so you will get better in the shortest and fastest way possible
  • Give you the 26 Point checklist about stuff you should and shouldn’t do during your interaction
During your time with us, we’ll sit with you during debrief and INTENSELY break down all of your sticking points. We quickly uncover the mistakes you’re making that interfere with you from doing a top-notch pickup from start to finish.  Just removing these blocks will get you BIG GAINS immediately    

The primary aim of all our Bootcamps is to give each and every student the skills necessary to achieve freedom of choice in their life in terms of the people they meet and it is not uncommon for our students to experience exciting, engaging relationships.
Feeling Like Your Just Spinning a wheel ? ​​
For some guys, they have no idea what a good game looks like. Sure, they will probably read a few field reports or even watch some of our YouTube clips, but they have never actually saw it in the flesh, so there progress in pick-up stalls
Some guys are lucky and actually find guys that are quite decent. These guys are good to learn from, because they have “unconscious competence” and you can absorb their vibe by literally just being around them

However, there are limitations to this. You’ll probably try to talk to them about what they’re doing so that you can actually understand it, they’ll tell you the same thing… “Just be ultra cool dude. You gotta like… smile and stuff and be confident. Be there prize and make em chase”
This is actually good advice and it’s spot on. Unfortunately, it’s the same old rubbish bull crap that you have been hearing for every other guy out there trying to get laid
If it were that simple… then every average guy would have gorgeous women crawling all over him.
The aim of a TUS Bootcamp is to help you get massive amounts of experience under your belt and to get you good with women within the space of three days!

What We'll Do For You​​



We will get you picking up women and giving you an exclusive TUS STEP-BY-STEP guide on what to say, the right body language, how to create sexual tension)
LIVE DEMONSTRATION of the most potent attractive behaviors
Give On-The-Spot Feedback And A DETAILED BREAKDOWN Of What You’re Doing Wrong
PERMANENT REALITY SHIFT of why LOOKS, AGE, AND INCOME DON’T MATTER. We'll get all the cluttery rubbish out of your head, for good
We'll give you our experienced opinion on what your currently doing right and how to build a SOLID FOUNDATION to be a COOL, ALPHA AND NATURALLY ATTRACTIVE GUY
Are You Sitting At Home Being Flooded With All This Information
On Dating But You Have No Idea
Where To S tart Or What To Do With It?
Here’s a fun fact for you folks - There are many dating companies out there that offer great, solid information that is intended to help get guys laid and to better themselves. Unfortunately, it's not suited for every one person out there
A Great example of this is a guy that religiously focuses on the aspect of Pulling and has the best ideas on how to go about doing it but why is he focusing on that when he social and anxiety issues, enabling to even talk to the least intimidating of women? It doesn’t make sense right?

At TUS, we will work tirelessly with you and filter out the unnecessary junk that is stopping your Game from progressing. Watching hours upon hours of Pickup videos is not going to help you either. For every bit hour of theory you read up on, you need to spend at least three hours in the field practicing it yourself. 
I sucks that guys are out there reinforcing incorrect strategies that are hindering there progress and wind up back at home alone banging there head against the wall​
Antonio -It pains me to hear of guys that have been learning from multiple of dating sources for many years (much longer then I have) but still are not seeing the results they want. These guys go out every night busting there balls when there out at bars and clubs, having there self-esteem being completely destroyed after they have some pint-sized blonde bimbo tell them they aren't good enough for her​​
Why Should You Learn From Us?
Let's be honest here... as addictive as this information on dating is, do you actually want to be in the clubs five nights a week for three years straight doing the same old lame stuff over and over again and not getting any results?

Taking a TUS Bootcamp with us, you guys can expect the following:

  1. You will be working under the exclusive TUS Seduction Method that is primarily designed to make sure you guys get laid in the fastest and shortest amount of time possible. You can almost think of our system guide like how an Olympic level athlete would want to shave a tenth of a second off his record time on a 100 Metre track
  2. The Bootcamp is tailored to YOUR NEEDS ONLY. We will find out what you need to work on and work rigorously with you to make sure you get the results you desire and more
  3. You will be taught a range of skills and techniques. More importantly, you will be taught about the mind-sets behind them. Whether that’s using a False Time Constraint that enables you to makeout with a chick in front of her friends or a line that completely destroys a AMOG, you will be receiving some of the best techniques and skills to help you get from A to B
  4. Don't worry. We won't make you approach fat chicks unless you have some kind of fetish and want. The aim for the Bootcamp is for you to get better with the women you actually want in your life. Off course, if we recognise you have social or anxiety or your one of those guys that doesn’t treat every women the same and puts the hot chicks up on a pedestal, you can expect a few fatties coming your way   
  5. EXPECT TO GET LAID! Yes, we have cheekily read up on tons of reviews for Bootcamp program programs from some of your favourite Pickup companies and one major thing that is lacking from there programs is that there so caught up on this leaf in the wind mentality that there students don't even get laid. If you’re paying £2000+ for a live dating program and your not being taught the necessary skills, tactics and mindsets on what's going to get you laid, your being ripped off.    
  6. Believe us when we say that we will go high and beyond to make sure you get sex AT LEAST once during our program    


If you are not completely satisfied with the expert training and coaching you receive during this incredible opportunity, we will refund your investment in full. It’s that simple

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